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Welcome to the Town of Medley Chamber of commerce

Mayor Roberto Martellís Message

The Town of Medley welcomes a new era full of projects, ideas and prosperity for the betterment of our citizens and our business community.

Back in October, 2011, I had the distinguished honor of starting our very own Town of Medley Chamber of Commerce along with the help and assistance of Mr. Juan A. Rubi who succeeded my Presidency in 2012.

Through the years the Chamber grew and progressed vibrantly as our business community increased.

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming the re-emerged Town of Medley Chamber of Commerce back under the leadership and Presidency of Mr. Juan A. Rubi and the Dynamic Chamber Team that will place your business priority first.

Presidentís Message

To reiterate the Honorable Mayor Roberto Martellís words, indeed, the Town of Medley welcomes and faces a new era in which it will cease to be a rumor and become a worldwide ICON in where to go for business.

Our Chamber is committed to fulfill the needs of our citizens and most of all our industrial and commercial community by fostering economic growth and development.

We welcome you to navigate through our web page and please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

We look forward hearing from you and welcoming you as a member of our growing Town of Medley Chamber of Commerce family.

P.O.Box 660200 Miami Springs, FL 33266 | Phone: 305-749-7796 | info@medleychamber.com