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Become a Sponsor

Town of Medley Chamber of Commerce Sponsorship

The Chamber has been operating since 2012 and founded by the current Mayor Roberto Martell and Chamber President Juan Rubi. This membership is comprised of local Medley business and surrounding cities i.e. City of Doral, Miami Springs, Hialeah, and Hialeah Gardens.    Moving forward the Chamber is holding Monthly Business Luncheon and other networking activities at different local venues. Our goal is to keep reaching out to the business community in Medley and be the conduit for our members and local businesses in order to forge new access and build new business relationships, while affording them a reasonable price with the assistance of sponsors, which enables higher attendance at the events.

Riding this wave of success, we would like to ask for your support by requesting that you become the sponsors for our first Monthly luncheon. If you choose to support the Chamber with your sponsorship you will receive, among others, these benefits in return:

  • A table for 10 guests
  • Prominent recognition on the invitations, webpage and all Chambers’ Social Media.
  • Recognition at the event and the opportunity for a brief presentation.
  • Prominently display of your company’s Logo & Banner.
  • Opportunity to display materials or provide goodie bags.

In addition, please find attached additional information regarding the Chamber’s membership and trustee level for your consideration.

Thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Together I know that we can make a positive impact in the Town of Medley’s business community.

P.O.Box 660200 Miami Springs, FL 33266 | Phone: 305-749-7796 | info@medleychamber.com