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About Us


The mission of the Town Medley Chamber is to drive economic development and prosperity for the citizens of the Medley Region.


Achieving our vision of prosperity for Medley requires a vibrant and sustainable economy supported by leadership from business, government and education.

The Power of 6

  • Grow Medley. Strengthen our economy by retaining and attracting businesses and talent.
  • Invest in Human Capital. Build a well-prepared, competitive workforce by providing educational seminars in all areas of concern.
  • Promote Medley. Tell our story locally and internationally.
  • Revitalize Our Physical Assets. Reinvigorate the urban core and other strategic community areas to make a better, stronger environment in which to live and work.
  • Enhance Value for Our Core Businesses. Deliver enhancements to membership benefits to increase our members' return on investment.
  • Create the Capacity to Succeed. Identify and cultivate next generation leaders: individuals with the strongest potential to assure a seamless transition of Medley's critical issues “Jr. Chamber”.

P.O.Box 660200 Miami Springs, FL 33266 | Phone: 305-749-7796 | info@medleychamber.com